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Why I Believe “Wachters’ Organic Sea Products” Are The Best Kept Secret In Nutrition

Before I explain why I believe that Wachters’ Organic Sea Products are the best kept secret in the nutrition industry, please ask yourself the following question:

What would you think of a Nutritional Advisor who sold you overpriced, moderately good nutritional supplements when they not only knew about the highest quality, most highly nutritious, very moderately priced supplements in the world–those better, cheaper dietary supplements (Wachters’ Organic Sea Products) were the ones that they were buying and taking themselves rather than the ones they were selling to you?

I am certain that what you are thinking is not at all complementary to such a person. BUT WAIT! Before you label these people as untrustworthy scoundrels (or another more colorful, less polite description), there are a few facts for you to consider. Once you understand, you may be willing to forgive them and assume at least part of the responsibility yourself. The problem is caused by a failure to communicate due to barriers in human nature.

FACT 1:  Wachters’ Organic Sea Products began in 1932, and the basic blend of sea vegetation is relatively unchanged since that beginning.

So, what was your first response to learning that Wachters’ Organic Sea Products has been around for 80 years? Did you think “Wow! The Wachters people must know everything about nutrition by now.” or did it conjure up images of old, dark, rat-infested facilities with a bunch of stodgy, closed-minded old farts kicking back in rocking chairs and talking about the good-old-days?

FACT 2:  The “foundation” of the Wachters’ Organic Sea Products come from SEA VEGETABLES.

Again, what was your response to that fact? Did you think about the innate ability of sea vegetation to keep itself pure by naturally expelling toxins and contaminants, or were you re-living some past experience on a seashore covered with a rotting, stinking mixture of seaweed, dead fish and oil from an off-shore oil well spill?

I could go on and on, but you likely get the point by now. When we just say “Wachters’ Organic Sea Products”, most people wrinkle up their noses and walk briskly away without ever coming to understand that properly grown, properly harvested sea vegetation is not only the most abundant, most nutritious food on Earth, it is also the most pristine, toxin-free source as well.

So, after the five-hundredth person turns tail and flees an opportunity to learn about the amazingly high nutritional value of Wachters’ Organic Sea Products, many of us who care enough to share life-supporting nutritional knowledge change our approach to:

“Say, have you heard about the new nutritional miracle called razzle-dazzle-berry juice? It only grows under glaciers in the high Alps where people live to over 750 years and play rugby until three weeks after they die.”

“It is on sale today for only two thousand dollars for a two week supply, but if you will buy into the program at a double-ruby, triple diamond level for ten thousand dollars, you can get an extra day’s worth for only half-price.”

For some reason not known by me, tens of thousands of people will rush forward into an exciting, new and completely unknown supplement “opportunity” while a few knowing individuals shake their heads in disbelief, gobble a couple Formula 22 tablets and wash them down with a green beverage made by adding a quarter-teaspoon of Formula C to clean water (both being Wachters’ Organic Sea Products), and move on to the next person to tell about razzle-dazzle-berry juice. We know that even over-priced, moderately-good supplements are better for people than no supplements at all …

So, here’s the deal, folks: I am not going to play the razzle-dazzle-berry juice game any longer. I am ‘fessin-up’ to the fact that my supplements of choice include the Wachters’ Organic Sea Products, and so “should” yours! The Wachters products are very high up on my list–right along with BiAloe®, Aloeferrin 4™, liquid zeolite and some selected Dynamite® products that we regularly use for ourselves and our animals.

And, I don’t buy razzle-dazzle-berry juice or anything like it. Between the supplements listed above and a careful diet including lots of organic green leafy vegetables, my bases are well covered.

So, my “secret” is out! My hope is that you will un-wrinkle your nose, get a grip on the real value of properly grown and harvested pristine sea vegetables, save yourself a ton of money, and begin now to super-charge your health with Wachters’ Organic Sea Products!

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(HINT: USE THE SEARCH UTILITY when you get there. There are so many products, it is a huge time-saver to just search on your specific support need. (i.e. “daily,” heart,” “liver,” etc.)

Wachters Nutrition is Starting Over …

The old “Wachters Nutrition” website had gotten too complex and too out of date to be useful to people who are looking for the incredible Wachters Organic Sea Products, so it has been replaced with a combination of this blog for personalized information about our experience with Wachters extraordinary line of organic sea products, PLUS a very good online shop that includes the entire Wachters nutritional product line. This new shop can be found at:


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