Before you buy Wachters’ products at retail, there is something important you should know:

You can direct your first retail purchases toward a FREE MEMBERSHIP,

then subsequently buy at distributor wholesale.

It is unbelievably simple:

  1. Choose a list of products that total to at least $150 retail.
  2. Take out the debit or credit card you choose to use.
  3. Dial 1-800-682-7100 between 8 AM and 4 PM Pacific time.
  4. Tell the person who answers to sign you up, authorized by Distributor 6824 (Bruce Chenoweth).
  5. Give the person the list of products you choose to purchase.
  6. You will be asked for your shipping and credit card information.


Anni and I are here to help you with any information you need.

Prefer to mail in an application?

Download the application form


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