Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in the incredible Wachters’ Organic Sea Products.

If this will be your first time experiencing them, expect to be surprised and delighted. Properly harvested sea vegetation is the best source of bio-available nutrients on Earth!

IMPORTANT! If you are a Wachters’ distributor (or are already a registered customer of a Wachters’ distributor other than ABHealthShop or Anni or Bruce Chenoweth), please note that this is NOT the official Wachters’ Member’s site.

We are independent distributors who drop-ship to our new and existing customers directly from the Wachters’ warehouse. This assures you the freshest possible product. HOWEVER, when we give Wachters’ the name and address of a registered distributor or customer of a different distributor, they decline to accept that order.
(If this happens, we issue a refund of your payment and notify you by e-mail as soon as possible.)

If the above notes apply to you, you can place your order directly to Wachters’ by calling toll-free to 1-800-682-7100 during business hours, Pacific time zone. (If you call, but it is discovered that you are NOT a registered customer of another distributor, just give them Distributor ID #6824 and they will accept your order by phone.)

For order tracking, problems with your order, or dissatisfaction and/or refund requests, please phone Wachters’ directly at 1-800-682-7100. The staff there have proven to be absolutely wonderful at resolving issues.

If you do contact them, but are not satisfied with the solution they provide, then please contact us using the “CONTACT US” tab near the top of this page.

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