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Professional Formula C - 1030
Professional Formula C - 1030
Powdered, Concentrated Chlorophyll with Sea Vegetation. This is a high potency Chlorophyll product with a great mint flavor. One teaspoon provides 1000 mg of chlorophyll and is excellent for athletes involved in heavy training such as marathons and triathalons. It works well as an energizer when used in an athlete's water bottle. It can also be used for healing of open wounds when made into a paste. 1000 mg of Chlorophyll per teaspoon makes this product a powerhouse beverage for use throughout the day. Once you have tried this Chlorophyll-based product, you will not want any other brand. Used in combination with Futura 200 and No. 64 - Select Cal 1000, you have a very powerful program. Ingredients include: Chlorophyll, Alfalfa, Natural Mint Flavor, Beta Carotene, and Wachters' Exclusive Blend of Sea Vegetation®. Size: 2 oz
Price: $57.95

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