(Quoted from the Wachters’ corporate website)

“Why Sea Vegetation is for you:

  1. These minerals are naturally chelated by Nature’s Laboratory
  2. Contains the only natural vegetable source of Vitamin D in large amounts
  3. Contains chlorophyll which is the life blood of all plants and plays an important role in transforming light energy into energy.
  4. Contains natural enzymes, cell growth regulators, plant hormones and cell stimulant factors which give energy to human cells.
  5. Contains sodium alginate which removes radioactive strontium 90 from the body
  6. The Blend is a combination of many species of sea vegetation from many different families of plants. The various species are selected for their color, nutritional content and absorbability allowing for the highest nutritional benefit.
  7. Harvested at peak ripeness and maturity for their nutritional content
  8. Harvested by hand and sun dried to preserve the natural enzymes and the life essence contained within the plant cells
  9. The sea plants gather light energy from the sun’s rays, convert it into electrical energy and store it as chemical energy for use of mankind.
  10. Man’s blood is ideally adapted to sea vegetation
  11. Contains 61 naturally chelated minerals and trace minerals and more than 20 vitamins
  12. All vitamins and minerals from our blend are in a naturally absorbable colloidal form

The Wachters’ Blend of Sea Vegetation is an overwhelming collection of health nourishing nutrients. The species selected for inclusion in the Wachters’ Blend of Sea Vegetation are specifically chosen for their mineral, trace mineral, vitamin, enzyme, protein, plant hormone, plant growth stimulator, plant cell regulator, plant cell stimulant and other micro food factors. The Wachters’ Blend contains all of the right
ingredients so when the supplements are taken into the body, complete assimilation occurs, allowing the body to receive total benefit.”

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